News & Updates

The new upcoming fourth Pilar French album

The band and I are thrilled to be releasing a fourth album. The songs are about my favorite topics--life and love. But  I think what really makes these songs unique is that they are ladened with themes of Oregon and all that it has offered me over the years--the incredible scenic landscapes and seascapes. Having been raised as a "land lubber", I remain mesmerized by the ocean and repeatedly find myself writing about it.  I also find that every time Fall creeps around, I have an urge to write about trying to make summer stick around--the Fall song on Deliver was a Place of our Own. The Fall song on this new cd is called "Fall Rising" and it celebrates the amazing change of seasons we have out here.  So look for the imagery and celebrate Oregon. You can have a "sneak hear" on this site or by going  The four new songs are "Conundrum", "Fall Rising", "Can't Die From a Broken Heart" and "Lighthouse."

Live Mercy video released

Here's the official live music video for Mercy. Recorded in the summer of 2011 at Pioneer Square, Portland.